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CleaningSure carpet cleaners experts offer in outstanding carpet cleaning services in and around London at very competitive price!

CleaningSure carpet cleaners are trained to a very high standard to ensure that the highest quality standards in the carpet cleaning service are maintained. All hard floor surfaces require periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure they maintain their condition to give a clean, well cared for appearance. A wide range of quality products and equipment are used to protect and seal the floor to a high gloss level and provide slip resistant finishes.

Wall to wall carpet cleaning
Steam cleaning
Shampoo cleaning
Carpet mold & mildew removal
Carpet pet stain and odor removal
Children & pet safe carpet cleaning understand that all carpets require periodic professional carpet cleaning. Bacteria, soil and grit are major causes of wear for carpets and will reduce carpets life. When you consider the costs of replacing carpets, carpet cleaning costs are minimal, so regular carpet cleaning makes economic sense too.

CleaningSure carpet cleaning London experts use only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment Due to the continuing heavy soiling of commercial office or factory areas, carpets may require a program of cleaning to remove oily residues and spills that vacuuming will not remove.

WE CLEANING: carpets, rugs, corners , sofas, armchairs, pouffes, chairs, mattresses, car upholstery.

We use ecological products made by reputable Western manufacturers. Apart from acaricidal properties these products contain fibre-strengthening preservatives. Our cleaning agents are approved by the National Institute of Hygiene and meet ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards. They are safe for you, your pets and the cleaned surfaces.
We use equipment from recognized and proven manufacturers: Airflex Pro 600, Prochem, Karcher, Numatic…

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Extraction cleaning

Extraction cleaning involves detergent spraying onto the surface followed by extraction of the detergent together with dirt. The method can be used to clean fitted carpet, rugs, upholstery and even decorative textiles such as drapes.
Cleaning is carried out using an extracting (spray & suction) machine commonly called an extractor. Various brushes are used to clean surfaces of different kinds. Fitted carpets and rugs are cleaned with manual nozzles up to 30 cm wide or special cleaning heads equipped with a rotary brush. Upholstery requires cleaning with a smaller nozzle to ensure lower detergent consumption. Special nozzles with a perforated plate in the suction nozzle are recommended for curtains to prevent the sucking-in of the fabrics.
Irrespective of the type and size of the extractor and the cleaned surface, cleaning is always subject to the same general rules. Thay is why dirt must be broken up before washing out.
In extraction cleaning, the time gap between detergent spraying and sucking can be as short as several seconds or even fractions of a second. Additionally, detergents used in extraction machines are rather mild. In view of these facts, we should not expect stubborn dirt to be easily removed.

Therefore extraction cleaning includes two stages:
– dirt break-up using the so-called pre-spray cleaner
– water extraction of the dirt

Prespray cleaner is sprayed with a garden sprayer or a special flow sprayer or electrical sprayer. A fitted carpet requires one litre of working solution applied on the surface of approx. 10m2. Accordingly, for cleaning high nap carpets or those heavily soiled this quantity must be increased.

Prespray cleaner reduces the amount of water needed for a carpet cleaning, because a single rinse after the preliminary dirt break-up is usually sufficient. But pre-spraying alone is not sufficient to break up stubborn dirt, which requires a manual or machine rubbing-in of the prespray cleaner. For this purpose we use a single disc machine with a soft brush for carpets or preferably, a machine with roller brushes. The single-disc machine however is not recommended for floor tiles and delicate woven carpets or those with the cut nap. Selection of the prespray cleaner and the extraction agent depends on the fibre type and the degree of soiling.

With any the type of the cleaning, the fabrics will remain wet on the surface only (the bottom of carpets and fitted carpets will remain dry). Drying time depends on the room temperature and its ventilation and it is approx. 2 to 3 hours.
Irrespective of the carpet type, cleaning method and the type of used chemicals, fitted carpet (carpet, upholstery or drapery) cleaning must alway be carried out in accordance with the following five hard and fast rules:

dry dirt removal
dirt break-up
finishing treatment
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