How important is to clean your mattress

Have you ever thought about cleaning your mattress?. Maybe you know that everywhere in your home can be found acarids, also known as dust mites. They are the main culprits for allergies and dust intolerance.

Our website will tell you which is the best way to clean your mattress and to sleep without worrying for your health.

The most important thing is to use only environmentally friendly cleaners for your mattress. Actually this rule applies for every surface in your home. You should know that you can easily find environmentally friendly cleaners which clean perfectly and also leave the home with a nice scent.

The mattress should be cleaned every six months. Yes, that’s the period for which the mattress fills in with acarids.

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The first thing that you have to do is to dust clean the mattress with a vacuum, and to be more specific – with a truckmount. That way you will get all the dust from the mattress outside. The next step is to clean the mattress with a non-allergenic product. Actually, you need to wet-clean the sides and of course, the top of mattress first. You should be careful because the mattress shouldn’t be very wet. The drying time depends on the temperature in the room. The final step is to spray the surface of the mattress with an acarids neutralizing product.

Many people feel insecure when it’s up to them to clean their mattress. If you are one of them, then we suggest you to use the professional help of, because the team uses the right cleaners and the right machines to remove the dirt and dust.